Kracie Popin' Cookin! Complete Set


Complete set of Popin Cookin DIY candy making kits

Popin Cookin is a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits. These very affordable, very tasty products are safe and fun for people of all ages. The only things you need to supply yourself are water and for some items a microwave oven. Satisy your candy and crafting cravings with Kracie candy kits!

This set includes:

Popin Cookin Sushi
Popin Cookin Bento
Popin Cookin Fun Cake
Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen Donut
Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen Hamburger
Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen Decoration Cake
Popin Cookin Neri Candy Kit
Popin Cookin Happy Kitchen DIY Pizza Kit
Popin Cookin Gummy Land
Popin Cookin Animal Gummy Kit
Popin Cockin! Nerunerunerune: Grape
Popin Cookin! Nerunerunerune: Soda
Puchitto Kudamono Melon
Puchitto Kudamono Grape
Puchitto Chocolate
Popin Cookin! Puchitto Strawberry Chocolate
Asobou Sakana Tsuri
Popin Cookin! Kurukuru Takoyaki
Popin' Cookin! Nakayoshi NeruNeru Melon & Strawberry
Popin Cookin! Marine Life DIY Candy Kit
Popin Cookin! Rock Scissors Paper Soft Candy Soda
Popin Cookin! Pukapon by Popin Cookin
Popin Cookin! Gummy Tsureta Grape
Popin Cookin! Gummy Tsureta Soda
Popin Cookin! Puchitto Kudamono Strawberry
Popin Cookin! Otanoshimi Neruneru
Popin Cookin! Sports Day Candy Kit
Popin Cookin! Dokidoki Little Ape Forest

Complete Set

Kracie Popin Cookin